We are excited to recieve this fantastic coffee from Nicaragua!  With a producing farm of a little less than 4 acres, Jose Maria Velasquez is small scale. He and his wife María Concepción Ríos live with their five sons -- Rafael Antonio, Josafat, Yugdene Dayleni, Uri, and Josman Calec -- in a remote part of Jinotega.A clear stream of fresh water runs from the mountains to the farm. The property is filled with floweringplants, and Jose Maria has reforested parts of their farm with hardwood trees including granadillo and mahogany.Reading TravelingThey have a number of other crops on their farm to supplement their family's income and provide some shade for coffee plants. Bananas, oranges, lemons, and a number of different kinds of mangoes abound


We were able to purchase half of thier 2021 coffee harvest!


Tasting Notes: Velvety, cherry concentrate, malic,melted chocolate, crushed blackberries on finish

Jose and Maria's Microlot- Nicaragua