How to Choose Your Next Coffee Maker

How to Choose Your Next Coffee Maker
Does your coffee maker have the death gurgles?

You know what we mean — the gurgling, puffing, pitiful noises that indicate its time on this earth is growing dim.

The coffee may take forever to get into the carafe. Maybe it's not hot enough. Maybe you're just tired of looking at that model from 1995 and it's time to spruce up the kitchen counter.

We are here for you, my friends. The best time to find a new pot is well before the old pot passes on! Otherwise you may end up with an early Monday morning meeting and no coffee. Or — possibly worse — you might find yourself in the coffee maker section of a gourmet store, willing to spend $300 more on a machine than you should.

Before coffee catastrophe strikes, consider these issues:
  • When do you drink your coffee? First thing in the morning before you're actually awake? If you want your brew ready for you, then you'll want a model with a timer.
  • Do you make a pot first thing, then drink it all day long? If you want to keep a pot hot for hours, then you'll want a thermal carafe.
  • How many people are drinking this coffee? If you need coffee for just one or two people, a pod-style machine may be perfect for you. If you have college students living with you, go with the largest coffee maker you can find.
  • How eco-friendly is your household? If environmentalism is your thing, you may want to skip the electric maker altogether and get a French press. They're made mostly out of glass, with a sturdy metal and plastic plunger. You won't need any filters or disposable pods. And they make amazing coffee!
  • How much are you willing to spend? You get to decide this, not the marketing department. Only you can know what kind of quality you're looking for, how often you'll use it, and how long you plan to keep it. You can buy a quality, budget-friendly option for seventy dollars. If you're into statement kitchenware and really love gadgets, you can spend $600 on a machine you will pass down to your children. It's up to you.
Now that you have your coffee preferences worked out, we found some recommendations for you. The websites below offer first-rate reviews on coffee makers with a wide range of features and prices. Happy shopping!

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