Ice Cream and Coffee: A Perfect Combination

Ice Cream and Coffee: A Perfect Combination

As we write this post, it's hot. Summer is officially here — the sidewalks are radiating heat, car interiors are as hot as the surface of the sun, and we're all parched and cranky.

Let's find a way to cheer ourselves, up, shall we? Let's take our favorite thing — coffee — and combine it with our other favorite thing — ice cream.

And maybe we'll throw in some chocolate and just about pass away from happiness.

We've scoured the internet to find the best, most joy-filled coffee and ice cream desserts. You are welcome. Here at Ron's Beans, we're always looking out for you.

  • If you like to make your own delicious coffee ice cream at home, click here for a recipe from
  • Here's a recipe for a custard-type ice cream (eggs and cream and coffee!) from Click here for their delicious take.
  • Wait, you say you also want mocha hot fudge? Of course you do! has a recipe to save the day; click here.
  • If you're feeling truly inspired, we recommend coffee ice cream with mocha hot fudge, all served over this recipe for Mocha Brownies with Coffee Frosting from Honestly, this might be going too far. But we'll never know unless we try, right?
  • Several of these recipes call for espresso powder, and we highly recommend it for coffee-flavored baking. It can be hard to find in some places, though. Here's a link to espresso powder from; they specialize in excellent baking products. They also have a blog post about baking with espresso powder.

We hope these suggestions add deliciousness to the rest of your summer! And if you try the mocha brownie with coffee frosting with coffee ice cream and mocha hot fudge sauce idea, be sure to take pictures and tag us on social media. We'd really like to hear about it!

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